The Man Don't Give A Fuck by Super Furry Animals

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Consider this something of a continuation of last Saturday's jam.   1

TheNintenGenius 23 Feb 2013

From Sunday onward I will be trying to stimulate my dormant Seasonal Cheer Gland with a selection of Christmassy nuggets. Until then, the prevailing mood is 'mehhh...'   2

crawtonleek 27 Nov 2013

Reminded last night of the best use of a Steely Dan sample ever.   4

McKelvie 29 Nov 2012

I'm just waiting for the microwaves to wash me into the sea.   4

OnlySimonLucas 9 Aug 2013

current status   2

joemuggs 8 May 2015

Such a catchy song.

startledbunny 27 Mar 2015