Accelerate by Susanne Sundfør

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Fantastic track from the new album 'Ten Love Songs'. Excellent album throughout but this is my current favourite. Love the transition to the next song 'Fade Away' at the end of the track...

smok75 3 Mar 2015

The sound inside my head tonight.   4

altngo 14 Feb 2015

so, this rekkid is *incredible*, and it's been destroying me all week. an uncanny space between bjork's nu-classical leanings, and the more pummeling goth-industrial sounds of goldfrapp's 2nd album.

jenz_x 3 Apr 2015

kill for love

kurashiki 23 Feb 2015

Not entirely sure how I feel about Susanne's new poppier synthier direction, but this song is brilliant, especially for that operatic Dracula/baseball bridge thang.

LegoTrip 4 Mar 2015

Doom pop, Abba Style. If this is what the album sounds like, I am looking forward to it.   3

Lililololaure 13 Feb 2015