“how can someone even have such a beautiful voice god damn”

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how can someone even have such a beautiful voice god damn   1

rachelmoskowitz 1 Jun 2013

the arranger of disorder with your strange and simple rules   1

tessmcgeer 9 May 2013

Hold me like a baby, That will not fall asleep

badgergravling 5 May 2014

Now I've met me another spinner. A song from/of our beginning. It still wrecks me.

phillygirl 11 May 2012

Just an old favourite from my Ipod today...   1

melissapulo 9 Sep 2014

I spent Sunday afternoon tidying the basement and came across an old trunk full of cassettes. In amongst the riches was a handful of mix tapes, historical documents of the music that mattered more than anything at a particular point in time, hand-selected by friends and played sufficiently incessantly to soundtrack a week, a month, a summer. There are plenty of analogs for rich memories locked up in a dead physical format in plenty of basements - from photographic slides, to VHS cassettes and old mobile phones housing photos that will never grace a screen bigger than 3 inches. The closest modern analog might be social networks, where a growing timeline buries the images, banter and connections that light up a point in time. I'll be spending next weekend with a ream of paper, a printer and my Facebook timeline. Until then, here's a mix tape gem I probably haven't heard in 25 years.   1

matthewq 23 Sep 2014