A Little God In My Hands by Swans

Axol’s jam on 14 May ’14 and then once after that (See all)

#7 in My Top Twenty #Bestof2014 From their album "To Be Kind"”

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#7 in My Top Twenty #Bestof2014 From their album "To Be Kind"   3

Axol 9 Dec 2014

From my Album of the Year (so far).   12

Bukowski 11 Aug 2014

Absolutely superb. Dive in, swim around and see what you come up with.   16

Bukowski 21 May 2014

Late to the party (as usual) with Swans - but this is terrific.

prvincent 9 Apr 2015

I meant to mention this yesterday - last night was gig #19 of 2015, the incomparable Swans at the Roundhouse. As expected, it was (very) loud, brutal and lengthy - a two-hour-thirty-minute set that comprised, from what I could tell, of just six songs. The final track in particular was astounding - a relentless barrage of bass-led riffage that was the heaviest I've ever seen the band.

asw909 22 May 2015

Eerste nieuwe Swans nummer van het aankomende album!

Olaf_dePolaf 22 Mar 2014