Dust In The Gold Sack by Swearin'


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"…and we are defective!"

donutage 12 Mar 2015

This song wins even without the reference to Bedford and Nostrand.

the_autoclave 11 Aug 2014

Heard this song on an episode of All Songs Considered today and liked it.

richardhomer 6 Nov 2013

These guys were amazing in Brighton the other night.   1

markcmphillips 31 Oct 2013

Slightly losing my mind as usual due to work, school, my housing situation, this eternal winter and of course because of a woman. I've been responding to all of it by listening to something so poppy and sugary that it hurts. Swearin's album, Surfing Strange was just what I needed, they came to my attention because their lead singer is twins with singer/ songwriter Waxahatchee, who's album Cerulean Salt was the best album Liz Phair never made. Swearin' is just great simple pop punk, which has traditionally been the domain of whiny guys singing about how much their life sucks so it's refreshing to hear a woman sing about her crumbling relationships too, let the bitter sweetness commence!   1

kaispasha 5 Mar 2014