Lonely Day by System of a Down


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It's a day I'll never miss

Lady_Bluecopper 8 Aug 2015

Of all the SoaD songs this is probably the least catchy; yet it's stuck in my head! "I'm glad I survived" ❤   1

IndiHatter 6 Jan 2013

Such a lonely day, and it's mine. It's a day that I'm glad I survived.

rexter42 14 Mar 2013

#systemofadown #lonely #day #rock

OMGcandy 9 Jan 2014

I had to go through my history and check I hadn't posted this song before. I was surpised to see I've not posted any SOAD yet, so let's start with one of my favourites. Reading through comments and shouts on this song, it doesn't seem to be popular at all but I love it! Hope you do too. :)

robyncullwick 6 Dec 2013