Corinna by Taj Mahal


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but peterlesser was first  

My lover broke up with me and it ruined all my music till now. I could only listen to NWA for like, two months..came out of that shit with this song..I prefer the album version's got a bounce to it that I dig!   6

hyapiko 18 Mar 2015

"Have mercy, have mercy, baby on my hard luck, Honey on my hard luck soul..."

dansondays 4 Dec 2012

Taj Mahal reminds me of springtime for some reason

andrew_woz 8 Apr 2013

Soul music drone…by the time the harmonica solo comes in, you know everything's doing just fine….   1

gian_tino 19 Nov 2013

Our Friends In The North should take a minute, listen, and chill out..

cbinseoul 11 Apr 2013