Get By by Talib Kweli

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Takes me back to the BK. #TalibKweli #RealHipHop

jasonchristian 25 Oct 2013

This morning, I woke up. Feeling brand new & I jumped up. Feeling my highs, & my lows. In my soul, & my goals. #talibkweli #getby #thisismyjam

iKATx 13 Apr 2015

KANYE Wess at his bess.

kittproudfoot 16 Jun 2013

Hip Hop Today

5goodthings 13 Dec 2011

prod. by Kanye West, before he became an ass and still produced quality beats. Why did he have to change? Also, this reminds me of Marc Ecko's Getting Up - Talib voicing the main character and the Nina Simone sample used in a cutscene.

jayd 31 Oct 2014

Feeling my highs, and my lows / In my soul, and my goals / Just to stop smokin, and stop drinkin'/ And I've been thinkin - I've got my reasons / Just to get by, just to get by / Just to get by, just to get by.   2

venom517 19 Jan 2015