Happiness Is Easy by Talk Talk

“The Colour of Spring (EMI, 1986)”

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The Colour of Spring (EMI, 1986)

jwmcglone 17 Mar 2012

Because the textural crispness of those drums and that bass are so utterly sublime.

AlabasterC 9 Mar 2015

Mark Hollis was 60 years old yesterday. SIXTY. I had a little moment. Then I played this and felt much better. 'Happiness Is Easy' by Talk Talk is my new jam.

TheLittleChef 5 Jan 2015

This song is from one of iconic releases of the 80's, and one of my favorites of all time!   1

mikesteer 21 Jan 2013

Happiness is easy ... apparently.   2

eops 10 Apr 2014

Talk Talk's genius is just starting to shine through.   1

puncturerepair 24 Feb 2013