It's My Life by Talk Talk


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Long before the only Talk Talk remaining, was yet another crappy telecoms company, Talk Talk the band, was a breath of fresh synth-pop to my proggy ears, in the early 80s. Now I've been an 80s critic in my time, but having officially entered 'Codgerville' (50 years plus) my musical chops have softened and although I still defend and lurve my beloved prog, I can appreciate sounds throughout the decades past, with the wisdom of Solomon. Yes, there are still musical genres that left me at the bus depot & I'll stubbornly refuse to acknowledge (eg. hip hop...bloody hate it with a passion). I'm now a tad more tolerant & my musical guilty pleasures are at times, mildly embarrassing. As is oft the case with my meanderings, I seem to have turned this into a confessional. So...I bought the eponymous single in 1982 & much to my chagrin, my girly of the time, bought it for half price, 2 days later. 2 short years on & this emerged. Combined with Mark Hollis' stunning vocal, an 80s highlight...   57

21schizoid 19 May 2014

New Fan Driven campaign to get Talk Talk back into the charts with #ItsMyLife kicked off on Twitter @Its_My_Life_TT_ and facebook … If you're a TT fan and would like to help us get their music back out their in the public domain, reaching a new and wider audience then row in and be part of the action. #talktalk #markhollis #itsmylife #download2015 #gettalktalkcharting #forgotten80s

reddirtgal1 13 Jul 2015

All Mine!?!? #TalkTalk   16

kemiladashdot 9 Jul 2014

I will always love the original of this song. No Doubt's cover is good and all, but doesn't give me chills like the synth does in this.   1

sarahbellum 3 Jun 2015

I realize I post almost exclusively punky/new wavey hits from 70s/80s. What can I say: I like these songs.   1

hughmcguire 15 Mar 2012