(Nothing But) Flowers by Talking Heads


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#HeadJam No8. Naked was a pretty great album, not Fear or Remain but an admirable way to go out. The production is top dollar and the whole things sounds wonderful. This particular song goes above and beyond though, a wonderful summary of their work, poetic and positive. Thanks for sticking with #HeadJam. So many great songs it's an easy revisit.   13

adrian4acn 18 Jul 2015

Good to be back.

djfractal 29 Apr 2015

some of us welcome the apocalypse.

rstevens 4 Apr 2013

Great song!   3

ProfessorByarf 3 Jan 2013

I will never not love this band.

edb87 16 Jun 2015

I woke up bewilderingly early this morning to travel up to Birmingham and my brain couldn't stop singing the "now it's all covered in flowers" line into my inner ear. I guess that means that This Is My Jam.   2

thesunneversets 25 May 2013