Yes I'm Changing by Tame Impala


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Love this song, love this album. Pure pop rock genius.

justjoe 27 Jul 2015

Life is moving; can't you see? There's no future left for you and me --- I was holding, and I was searching endlessly, but baby, now there's nothing left that I can do --- so don't be blue: There is another future waiting there for you.

okaythen 23 Aug 2015

I kinda miss the guitars, but it’s still a pretty good album anyway.   7

Section42L 31 Jul 2015

Has there been a superior, bittersweet break-up song released this Summer. No.   7

AJDJ 15 Sep 2015

cos new album i can't not. loving the mj/twin peaks/music room keyboard vibes of the whole lp

eleanorsmith 28 Jul 2015