I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift

We can't find this song online. Make it your jam if you know a good link! :)

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but adamemile was first  

remember that time Taylor Swift tried her hand at the ol' wub-wub and it was pretty awesome?

josh3 15 Mar 2015

Woke up with this stuck in my head.

justplainscott 11 Mar 2014

You know you've found the one... when you both slutdrop on the same beat of this song.

flukeystrumpet 9 Mar 2014

trouble. trouble. trouble.

elmosredbeetle 27 Feb 2014

'cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in, so shame on me now.

alycianykole 26 Jun 2015

I'm not ashamed.   1

juliascheele 3 Mar 2013