Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

“My man @regmcfly (sadly not on TimJ) knows what's up. Absolute BELTER.”

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My man @regmcfly (sadly not on TimJ) knows what's up. Absolute BELTER.   3

Olimite 6 Sep 2014

'Fraid I was too busy to post a tune during YVR Pride, but this was everywhere. Ms Swift was in town & between her show, drag queens performing it & rumours that she was making an appearance in the Parade, you just had to Shake It Off & jump in. It was even the big hit song at my neighbour's daughter's bat mitzvah. You go girl.

2001bottles 5 Aug 2015

This is 100% @david_rees's fault, and I ain't even mad.   2

wilwheaton 9 Feb 2015

I love this song, it always puts me in a good mood

Sarah96 28 Jul 2015

In yet another sign of what a creepy old git I'm becoming, I just can't stop listening to this tune...   1

Niels_Footman 16 Oct 2014

Out of character for me, but it's good stuff...

gnoinc 25 Aug 2014