Close the Door by Teddy Pendergrass


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I hope to transform myself in the coming months, into the white, bald, middle-aged Teddy Pendergrass.

pauldfriedman 9 Feb 2013

Damn, Teddy. Daaaaaaaaaayum.   2

Earology 16 Jun 2014

Happy 8th anniversary, Sarah. (Don't hurt 'em, Teddy P!)

birddog 10 Apr 2012

TGIF. Dunno bout you, but I plan on bringing this work week to "a pleasant end." Clooooose the door. So smooth.

djloosefit 7 Nov 2014

It was so nice I was enjoying every day for the moment of being a young man all those feeling WOW!! Those wer

Georgejone 20 Dec 2012

Slow Jamin'   1

peterfbrennan 19 Mar 2012