When Somebody Loves You Back by Teddy Pendergrass


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but amartino was first  

#imleavingtheband #onmyown... I have jammed this song before and I will probably jam it again...Teddy P left the Blue Notes and sky rocketed to fame...I remember Aunts and other women swooning over him and his concerts and schooling me about MY Generations music...I think I may have been related to a few people who threw panties on the stage (hides face) He was also in the group the Cadillacs a doo wop group.   14

SheRa 18 Feb 2015

Possibly the best live performance on YouTube. All about the 15 minute sing along versions

kalli 25 Mar 2015

Philadelphia International, 1978

tedwilkinson 29 May 2013

inspired   2

gorgeousblocks 26 Feb 2012

" It's sooooo good..." Always been my favourite one.

MMRLDN 20 Jul 2012

Dancing with my sweetheart...Loving being loved....   11

SheRa 8 Nov 2013