Ain't That Enough by Teenage Fanclub


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#powerpopfriday Teenage Fanclub, "Ain't That Enough?" Teenage TOTP crowd goes nuts.

willcrain 10 Apr 2015

One of my faves, where the soaring harmonies are just ridiculous...

enricocardamone 23 Jan 2013

My last Jam. The single I have probably played most over the last 20 years. My kids have had it on every holiday compilation. Even now it gives me goosebumps. I remember the first time I heard it. I was working at Vital and a guy came up from Bristol and played a pre release tape of it. "IT'S A NUMBER ONE" I said. I still think that it will be one day. Here is the Sun Rise.   4

Kevd99 25 Sep 2015

The very essence of sunshine.

niallb1 16 Apr 2014

Glorious jangly Glasgow guitar pop from the Fannies. Ain't that enough?   2

johnburns5220 19 Mar 2015

Trying to put a good spin on the time change and getting up 90 minutes before the sun... #SunriseSongs   4

7r0773r 10 Mar 2014