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paharvey99 18 Jul 2012

I'm endeavouring to maintain a serene attitude to my Jammin' exploits, but can't escape the urge to chant 'One-in-a-Row' lustily from the rooftops, in celebration of my post-cave dwelling isolationist phase, thus far. For regular Bristow Sufferers, this will make a modicum of sense. For those of intermittent distress, don't go there, as it's just my standard random guff. As I meandered thru' the dirge that is digital radio t'other day, marvelling at the myriad of stations available, whilst feeling depressed at the swathes of crap on the vast majority (bit like Sky, actually) I passed by Absolute 90s. It is for the most part, chronic. However, despite my extreme proggist leanings, I tried to recall what poppier-type treats had caught my musical ear, in that decade. I caught this wee Scottish wonderband live, many times. 'The Fannies' as they were affectionately known(!) were sophisticated jangly pop specialists. All harmonies and general loveliness. And this track? Sheer perfection...   72

21schizoid 27 Nov 2013

A near perfect POP! song   29

Bukowski 12 Jun 2013

From the 1995 album Grand Prix.   17

DavidAnderson 23 Jul 2015

This is so poptastic, it is ridiculous. Can't get this out of my head at the moment.

spookydirt 7 Jun 2015

Another favourite band. Can't understand why they weren't (aren't) more successful, but there's a little part of me that's quite glad they weren't.   6

AndyWilkinson 29 Aug 2015