The Concept by Teenage Fanclub


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but davidkam666 was first  

This song was well used in Young Adult. Good 90s power pop.

davidkam666 2 Jan 2012

"the '90s", Kurt , Mtv , Bandwagonesque...Oh yeah.   2

dylandrygin 14 Jun 2013

One of the best songs ever recorded by one of the best bands ever formed.

DrMartin 14 Nov 2014

Having watched "Young Adult" yesterday, this week I will mostly be listening to Teenage Fanclub   3

AndyDenton 9 Jan 2013

I wish I could've been a teen or young adult in the early 90s making mixtapes and just chilling to Teenage Fanclub.   1

OhSweetNuthin 10 Jun 2015

Simply because this song was used quite well in 'Young Adult'.   2

BobCoupee 9 Mar 2014