Now I'm All Messed Up by Tegan and Sara

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Go (please stay), go (please stay)

housetoastonish 13 Apr 2014

Go. Go if you want. I can't stop you.

Schrik 17 Jan 2013

Seriously though.

becs1024 23 Jan 2013

"Why do you take me down this road if you don't wanna walk with me?" It's just so good.

samlicious 11 Sep 2015

I Was A Fool came up on Spotify radio and then I tripped and fell on Heartthrob and aside from the fact I'm now making the husband listen to the entire Tegan and Sara back catalogue (and worse, me singing along) because it is MY BIRTHDAY and I DESERVE IT I have been forced to remember how utterly, utterly perfect this song is. The verses, with their hideously painful built- that incredibly sharp, specific and familiar detail of wondering where she's leaving her make up, the combination of reasonability (you're going, I can't stop you) and almost childish, grasping grief (YOU CAN'T LEAVE) and the glistening, none-more-Dazzler's-grown-up-album aspects* would all be enough for this to be a truly great pop song. But then the end! The end where it all builds to a scale that feels like the bedroom walls have peeled away to reveal lines and lines of glittering -breakup-chorus-girls! Lordy. *In actual fact the album Cyndi Lauper released in 2008 is prob more grown-up Dazzler but anyway.

piratemoggy 8 Feb 2015