Venus by Television


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In loving memory of @VenusDeMileage. x   2

rejunevated 3 Jan 2015

Bought the LP in 1977 and have never tired of it.This is a beautiful song and even dented the top 40(if memory serves me right)in the days when vinyl records sold in tens/hundreds of thousands.Having now checked,was in fact on the flip of Prove It and reached no.25 in UK charts during the summer of '77.   8

tpjdavies 21 Jan 2015

Hey man let's dress up like cops, think of what we could do!

antipasta 15 Oct 2011

Feeling 70's, smelling early 80's

insanevanilla 4 Sep 2015

"I fell … into the arms … of the Venus de Mee-lo"

attentive 24 Aug 2014

My Top 10 Albums of All-Time ~ Honorable Mention ~ Television - Marquee Moon (1977)  Thanks to everyone who followed some or most or all of this wildly self-indulgent list :) I hope someone found something new they enjoy!   6

btener 29 Sep 2014