Shelter Song by Temples

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therealmusicnet 13 Feb 2014

If anyone thinks I don't like new music here are "Temples" who are young and happening and sound just like 1968 (in a good way).   6

rocknrollisking 4 Mar 2014

Again, brand new(ish) music; going back in time even further than those eighties Eagulls. (my Dutch Classics can still be found at @dutchzaphod)   21

dutchbeeblebrox 6 Mar 2014

Can't get enough of this track, love that psychedelic vibe!   1

Conagh_Murphy 29 Jan 2013

Last jam before they archive. Good Night and thank you TIMJ XXXX   1

pooblemoo 31 Aug 2015

I heard the first seconds of this song a million times from a radio commercial and kinda liked it, so I was pretty pleased when I discovered it via Spotify :) . And I think it makes for a great farewell jam... Goodbye guys, and thanks for all the music :')

ricardochavezt 20 Sep 2015