Shelter Song by Temples

“Last jam before they archive. Good Night and thank you TIMJ XXXX”

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Last jam before they archive. Good Night and thank you TIMJ XXXX   1

pooblemoo 31 Aug 2015

If anyone thinks I don't like new music here are "Temples" who are young and happening and sound just like 1968 (in a good way).   6

rocknrollisking 4 Mar 2014

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therealmusicnet 13 Feb 2014

Can't get enough of this track, love that psychedelic vibe!   1

Conagh_Murphy 29 Jan 2013

#SeanceDeRattrapage They fell into the same cauldron of magic potion as Jacco Gardner   16

MyBlueElephant 23 Dec 2014

For March 2013, @MOJOmagazine accompanied their Pink Floyd cover feature with a freebie titled Echoes, after the side-long tune on Floyd's sixth LP Meddle. It collects modern psychedelia and I am sad to report that it is by and large a true dud. Tunes by the likes of Voice of the Seven Thunders, Teeth of the Sea, Mugstar, and other would-be wonders grind along tediously, many of them seven minutes or longer. I wager that in their native environs many of these songs are more enjoyable; they just don't come across very well when excerpted and stacked alongside all-too similar tunes by others. Then there are the buzz bands that I'm just not fond of (Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra). There is a small handful of tunes I might want to hear again, and the one that jumped out most for me was this one by British quartet Temples; it's the lead track from their 2014 debut LP Sun Structures.   4

covermount 10 Sep 2015