“THANK YOU TO THE SUBSCRIBERS & VIEWERS I would like to thank all the Subscribers & All the Viewers around the World for viewing my channel, watching a video, making nice comments! I never imagined the amount of viewers or 30 people subscribing to my channel including one pretty famous musician! Making videos started out as a hobby, a person of wisdom told me I should find a hobby. Since I have loved music all my life it became A challenge combining music with images! So once again THANKS and for the subscriber's 30 fans as a gesture of Gratitude you can pick out 3 MP3's at of your favorite artist! Contact via private message for further information! Peace & Love Lower east side media productions As you set out on life's road unsure of the path you'll go, the most important thing you can do is to always be true to "you" Be True to yourself Always remember who you are in moments of struggle or fear. Never forget or give up on The hopes and dreams you hold !”

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