Not This TIme by The 2 Bears

“"And I was only trying to mind my own business..."”

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"And I was only trying to mind my own business..."

stephenabbott 13 Oct 2014

Any track by a duo called 'The 2 Bears' is always gonna grab my attention. And it's a corker to boot. And it's from the Hot Chip extended family. Double thumbs.

katylindemann 10 Sep 2015

I am really digging this song, especially that chorus. And I am all for more music videos featuring drag queens and club kids.

Kid_Dada 9 Oct 2014

I cannot stop listening to this song. The video is ridiculous. Thanks @omgyouresexy for forcing me to admit I love it.

duncanatrix 7 Oct 2014

Probably one of my favorite songs to come out this year.

djdain 15 Sep 2014

Tonight in #Brighton @followthebears at @HauntBrighton - see you there!!

oisinlunny 28 Oct 2014