The House of the Rising Sun by The Animals

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but cillathordar was first  

Relevant, because I'm going on a road trip   1

DarrenMeade 10 Jul 2015

Another one of my favorites.   1

metallicagirl 17 Feb 2014

a true classic,awesome band,awesome song

clintrosencran 30 May 2015

50 YEARS AGO TODAY that this tense broody tour-de-force was released! This was the exact moment (imo) when pop music in the UK was to become a respected art-form. The dust had barely settled on the impact of this remorseful tale of a wounded soul when, BANG!! on its heels, out of nowhere came the blistering sonic assault of the Kinks' "You really got me" The almost equally exciting "It's all over now" by the Stones was in the charts too. Shortly after, we had the emergence of the Beatles' most creative & artistic years as well as the arrival of the Who & many other highly original UK artists.........When Britain TRULY had talent! (Raises glass to the Animals) " God bless yer , lads!).....(Goin' away for an internet-free holiday now , so bye to all you jammers LUV U!!!)   15

debutch 18 Jun 2014

Best video i've seen.   2

Earology 15 Jul 2014