Killing by The Apples


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And so I go out the same way I came in, with my first ever Jam as my final one. It's been a pleasure getting to know you all and listening to the music you love. I hope each of you goes on to great things, wherever you end up, and if anybody tries to tell you what to do, you know what to say...   8

crawtonleek 25 Sep 2015

A good ska cover of ANYTHING is what I need this month.

cliff1976 1 Feb 2015

Sax Against The Machine

RyanWilliams 15 Apr 2015

Today is my one year Jamiversary! This parpy little RATM cover was the first thing I jammed, exactly one year ago. Enjoy!   6

crawtonleek 9 Aug 2013

This cover kills it. seriously kills it. I know it's the same band 2 weeks in a row, but LIKE IT!!!

eHawk 5 Mar 2012

RATM covered as a soul/funk track. Blisteringly good stuff.   2

Jasgra 1 May 2014