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#80sWeek número 2   5

gog5y 8 Sep 2014

One of my favourite pop singles, it has to be said.

MotherFist 10 Feb 2015

The mad whippet loving bastard!   5

H185MAN 11 Mar 2014

Spent the day in the car with Syd & Billy. Always loved this, wipes the 'Sulk' of my face. Strangely relevant   7

adrian4acn 5 Apr 2013

Billy Mackenzie's vocals are extraordinary on this track. They're like sonic rubber bands. Me likey.

MotherFist 1 Jun 2014

'Refrigeration keeps you young I'm told' My  fave from a fabulous band. I cannot be still if this is playing. Obviously Party Fears Two also......   3

PartyTearsFew 22 Jul 2013