Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches

“2000 - 25 of 39 'Songs of My Years'...Avalanches!”

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2000 - 25 of 39 'Songs of My Years'...Avalanches!   3

EdJ0nes 5 Apr 2014

That boy needs therapy.   2

fifimcfeef 27 Dec 2013

Sometimes a band needs to just have some fun with a song. This somewhat elusive track features samples from a number of different albums that the group came across and has some of the best scratching that you'll hear in a modern day track. #TheAvalanches

barneyfett 6 Jul 2015

It was only a matter before I got round to jamming this Gem.   5

d0minic 23 Nov 2012


MaxRocks 20 Aug 2012

As a bit of light-hearted banter I said of a friend "The boy needs therapy." He then sent me this.

bootleian 24 Sep 2015