Private Idaho by The B-52's

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One of my all-time favourite B-52 cuts, but only saw the video for the first time just a few days ago at a well-known rock-themed burger joint in La-La land. Bit of a shock to see Fred looking so young! (The eternal beehives hide a multitude of sins, of course...)   1

stevefawcett 13 Aug 2014

The opening just begs us to dance Happy Friday XXXX

pooblemoo 22 Aug 2014

Oh, if only I were a coroner...

charliepauken 22 Jun 2015

Probably my favourite song of theirs. Purely for the opening 'ooh ha hoo ha hoo ha hoo'.

Clarkle 6 Mar 2012

Get out of the state you're in...   7

KBro 18 May 2013

grillpanda 27 Jul 2015