Rock Lobster by The B-52's

gog5y’s jam on 14 Sep ’13 and then once after that (See all)

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but dopiaza was first  

rock lobster!!!!!

terence 8 Feb 2014

The B-52's on Saturday Night Live, 1980. You KNOW I watched this live.

TtamAlubic 5 Jul 2015

#FoodWeek The trouble with this is that I can't really bring myself to think of lobsters as 'food' I think of them more instead as some kind of , uh...'pets' I tell ya, if I ever had the good fortune to inherit a lobster farm, then I'd make sure that my beautiful nippers would never be eaten by ANYONE! (...and I don't care if that DOES make me 'shell-fish' ...)   19

debutch 17 Jul 2014

Great raw live version.   1

damprice 27 Jul 2015


dopiaza 20 Jan 2012

#Final jam & going out dancing 'Rocklobster'& Indie night in a Leicester 'niteclub' The only thing moving on the dance floor apart from me and my boyfriend was a cockroach   17

alisonsghost 20 Sep 2015