The Weight by The Band

“Going back to an all-time classic - The Weight by The Band.”

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Going back to an all-time classic - The Weight by The Band.   5

rosieclarke 29 May 2015

So, this is my final Jam on TIMJ, and fittingly, it's my "Eternal Jam". Come and find me over at (same screen name), and let's keep the Jams going :) Take a load off, Annie. Peace out.   1

primuspilus6969 26 Sep 2015

#goodbyejam No.7- The Wieght Are words even necessary? I guess I couldn't leave without ever posting this one.

pozo88 3 Sep 2015

This Is My Jam is closing its doors soon, so I need to go back to the motherlode....

LeeWellbrook 26 Aug 2015

Always loved this song and The Band........going on 7 months now in my cancer battle and I'm doing better than anyone expected. Have a great weekend everyone.......   8

njparry 7 Mar 2014

At number 65......this goes out to all the Canadians touched by last weeks turbulence in Ottawa! Peace will prevail. Back in the hospital for yet another day of pin managed to escape. Take care All. Nick   4

njparry 27 Oct 2014