Holy Ghost by The Bar-Kays


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but theremina was first  

That bass

functiontelechy 21 May 2015

First tune I ever sampled. Bar-Kays are dope. No bout-a-doubt it.   1

paulo72 7 Aug 2015

Bit of #Stax #funk from #The Bar-Kays for y'all! And long overdue too. Get stuck in, people...   1

DirtyDiscoSound 13 Jul 2015

Classic funk   3

KBro 6 May 2014

Friday funker with the best opening line ever...   16

olivier1 25 Apr 2014

It's summer solstice down here! Bun's got two weeks off work! Dere be some serious-ass booty-shakin' goin on!   4

theremina 21 Dec 2011