The Warmth Of The Sun by The Beach Boys

“My #finaljam. I don't need to explain.”

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My #finaljam. I don't need to explain.   3

TheGreatValerio 23 Sep 2015

before anyone says this is weird, i mean willie with a surfboard, it just shows anyone can sing a perfect song. it's been said that #brianwilson was inspired to write this the day after jfk was murdered. for me, he captured one of those desperate moments that when even the unthinkable happens there is still that human instinct for consoling and mending, as life limps on.   2

peterh07 4 Oct 2014

Words needed? I think not.

MagicDaddyTunes 10 Dec 2012

For obvious reasons.

JonDennis 24 May 2012

Recorded in the wake of JFK's death.

tedwilkinson 22 Nov 2013