Got Me A Beard by The Beards

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One of the highlights from PMB103 Facial Hair. With thanks to Dr Woods for tipping us off to this one.

projectmoonbase 15 Nov 2012

I gooooot aaa beeeeeard

Duckie 5 Mar 2015

From the album 'Having a Beard Is the New Not Having a Beard'   2

bullu 14 Mar 2014

This goes out to all of my fellow beardos out there keeping it real on the south side of the face.

TheKBRT 24 Sep 2012

Currently two schools of thought exist about this song. One theory is that it represents the individual's fight for uniqueness against the overwhelming pressure to conform, concede, and consign one's identity over to the culture within which he lives. That's a stance I can back, I can tell you that much. Or it's a song about a man who obsessively loves his beard. You be the judge.   5

delftwaves 13 Feb 2014

If you've got, ever wanted, had or envied a beard, if you like a guy with a beard or appreciated someone's facial hair, celebrate now with The Beards

wmunn1 12 Feb 2014