A Hard Day's Night by The Beatles

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I've really lost track of time since starting this new job, and I keep forgetting to post on here because of that. Here's a song to go with that though.

blynch5194 13 Jun 2014

Apparently the mystery is solved http://tinyurl.com/d2pu775   4

grantmacdo 10 Sep 2012

"A Hard Day's Night" turns 50 today!   9

HappyZebra 10 Jul 2014

Parlophone Australia, 1964

tedwilkinson 30 Dec 2014

The film was a financial and critical success. Time magazine rated it as one of the all-time great 100 films. British critic Leslie Halliwell described it as a "comic fantasia with music; an enormous commercial success with the director trying every cinematic gag in the book" and awarded it a full four stars. And the music ain't half bad either!   7

zodat 1 Sep 2015

in a nutshell

LiSantoss 23 Sep 2014