Baby You're a Rich Man by The Beatles

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That intro,love it!   6

zodat 29 Jul 2015

Had a weird stint where I listened to this about 10 times in a row today,just can't do better than the Beatles

Conagh_Murphy 30 Oct 2012

how does it feel to be one of beautiful PEOPLE?

1outside 20 Sep 2013

I used to think i had an artists' integrity, but i now know i have a price like everybody else.   3

isajward919 30 Jun 2014

Newer and Bluer Meanies have been spotted in the vicinity of this theatre...

markwtaylor1 8 Jan 2015

First released as the B-side of "All You Need Is Love" in '67. The song is two different, unfinished songs from John and Paul. Originally written for the "Yellow Submarine" film soundtrack, but the single was rush-released following the incredible, international reaction to The Fabs appearance on the first world-wide TV satellite broadcast "Our World". Which apparently was seen by over 400 million people across 5 continents! It was also included on the "Magical Mystery Tour" album. Perhaps easy to spot that John wrote the "How does it feel...." verses and Paul the "Baby you're a rich man" chorus. John plays both piano and a clavioline, an early synthesiser, which produces the speeded-up oboe like sound.   22

Beatlemaniacs 4 Jan 2015