Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite by The Beatles

“Hearing this always make me smile.”

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Hearing this always make me smile.   1

0yoshimi 31 Jul 2014

What more do you need in the morning?

inviolet 21 Feb 2013

#2 of the top 25 most played songs in my Itunes.

rexter42 22 Jan 2013

i <3 these keys.   1

eliotvb 2 May 2012

This is an example of The Beatles letting their freak flag fly. When I was a kid, we listened to the Sgt. Pepper album all the time. Amongst all of the brilliant songs on that brilliant album, this was my favorite back then. Having had reason lately to revisit it, I have to say, it holds up.

BonnieTryonov 26 Jul 2015

I had my Dad play this song over and over and over again when I was 7-16 then I got my own car and played it on repeat and I still play the heck out of it even though I'm over 18 now.

LongtailZ 5 Aug 2013