Fixing a Hole by The Beatles

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Sweet guitar solo on this one. Short and filthy.

tbs0408 20 Jan 2015

Love the lyrics of this song...

mariewaz 15 Jan 2012

...   8

natyblooming 22 Sep 2013

Another book jam. Read 'Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close ' by Jonathan Safran Foer last week. Loved the Beatles references as have a Beatles thing with my dad. Haven't seen the film and am glad as I think it would have spoilt it. A sad and beautiful book that has stuck with me. #bookjam   8

abigail.deeks 6 May 2015

Fixing a hole where the rain gets in. Really appropriate choice this week, given the state of my roof...

Bilbobraggins 31 Dec 2013

Had a friend over last night who told me that he never really got into diggin' the Beatles. And then I played him this, and needless to say he was hooked!   2

farood 6 Apr 2015