Get Back (1969) by The Beatles

“nearly 45 years ago...Jeez..”

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nearly 45 years ago...Jeez..   2

thecolonel60 2 Jan 2014

Get back to where you once belong .   2

leah 15 Jun 2012

It's Pie Day! To celebrate, we're thinking about Apple Studios (get it?). Here's what the Beatles were recording there on this day 46 years ago. Let's all "Get Back" to 1969...

HackleySchool 23 Jan 2015

My theme song for today.

Massimo 7 Feb 2012

I caught up with my dad today. He plays the music that's new to me and I play the music that's new to him. This was his fine selection.   2

aberrantanna 29 Aug 2015

I'd like to say thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves and I hope we passed the audition.   20

zodat 30 Jan 2014