Hello Goodbye by The Beatles

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And so it's #finalJam time. For reals this time. It's been a blast, it really has. Many many jams and artists I would not have known about without all you wonderful jammers. So goodbye and hello to [letsloop,nusiki,godsjukebox]. See you all at, quite possibly, all of those.Peace and love.   4

riddsteve 25 Sep 2015

Hello, Goodbye. It's been fun. You can follow me, if you wish, on http://www.godsjukebox.com/selections/username/CatCalzone/   4

catcalzone 25 Sep 2015

#goodbyejam No.2 Goodbye, jammers. The end is near.   1

pozo88 22 Sep 2015

Hello all on TIMJ, Goodbye all on TIMJ. It was nice to be part of this :-) Cheers! PS: And remember to always look at the bright side of life!

paberus 26 Sep 2015

Happy New Year!!! :D   15

Avante 31 Dec 2013

My theory is that "you" are right and Paul is wrong, because at the end of the song, he says "Hello."

JordanDWhite 3 Apr 2012