I Will by The Beatles


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As a kid, then an adult, I grew up listening to The Beatle's Love Songs album. Never tired of it. Hope you like it, @Bukowski :-) I Will - The Beatles.   12

loboska 7 Jan 2015

This has been in heavy rotation at my house lately.

ethanhein 15 Mar 2012

just a lovely little tune.

marisodo 18 Feb 2014

From The Beatles (White Album). One of Paul's songs that he worked on during their visit to India, but it remained unfinished right into the recording studio. Apparently the melody came easily, but he struggled with the words. Paul has said, " It's still one of my favourite melodies that I've written. You just occasionally get lucky with a melody and it becomes rather complete and I think this is one of them; quite a complete tune." The song features Paul on vocals and acoustic guitar and both Ringo and John on various percussion. George didn't play any part at all. We love how this simple, tender love song immediately follows “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?” on the album. We think it shows Paul’s huge range in both vocal performance and song-writing skills… from down and dirty to romantic and gentle!!!!!   16

Beatlemaniacs 28 Jan 2015

Have been working with this song lately. Catchy tune.   1

BryanEWallace 4 Dec 2013

My personal favorite love song. Hope you all have a fantastic Valentine's Day :)

iplaydageetar 12 Feb 2014