Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles

“...sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun...”

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but pez was first  

...sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun...   5

babelfish76 7 Jun 2015

#15 in top 25 Itunes songs.

rexter42 20 Dec 2012

"It's coming to take me away. TAKE ME AWAY" The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour   1

JonBurroughs83 23 Jan 2014

I have been hearing this in my head everyday.

biscuitbarrel98 4 Feb 2013

From the television special made by the Fabs, based on an idea from Paul, although he has been quoted as saying "It could have been mine, but I’m not sure whether I want to take the blame for it"!!! Originally released in the UK in 1967 as an EP and in other countries as a full, 11 track LP. On release the film was widely criticised by both critics and public!!!! The group had hoped that making films, would somehow replace that they weren't able to play live any more. The recording of this track came within a week of them finishing the Sgt. Pepper album. This was our original "restricted" Jam, enjoy this:- . And yes, that really is Ringo driving the coach at just after 2 minutes!!!   17

Beatlemaniacs 27 Jul 2014

The Witch has had one of her moments. She has decided that we should visit the Matisse Chapel in Vence. So, tomorrow, we are flying to Nice (No! Not by broomstick - QueasyJet) and staying a couple of nights in St Paul de Vence. Which is not Vence. And muggins is driving ...   2

HawklordElf 10 Apr 2014