Nowhere Man by The Beatles


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I am a nowhere man.   6

terence 22 Apr 2014

This one jumped right out of the shuffle this morning still sounding as fresh as the day it was recorded.

JasonGarrattley 17 Feb 2012

Yellow Submarine film premiered on this day back in 1968. This is one of the best Beatles songs...   1

danny.jumpertz 17 Jul 2012

This was from the album Rubber Soul (UK) in 1965 but was also featured in the film Yellow Submarine.   11

zodat 10 Sep 2015

Parlophone Australia, 1966

tedwilkinson 13 Jan 2015

No Beatles? Well Rubber Soul is my favourite LP and this my favourite song - really? yep!   2

paullancaster1 14 Aug 2015