Nowhere Man by The Beatles

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but JasonGarrattley was first  

This was from the album Rubber Soul (UK) in 1965 but was also featured in the film Yellow Submarine.   11

zodat 10 Sep 2015

Well, I have, at times, sorta been a nowhere man! But there is another version of this some here, that you should also listen to: And see this Jammer:   8

PeteLaberge 20 Apr 2014

No Beatles? Well Rubber Soul is my favourite LP and this my favourite song - really? yep!   2

paullancaster1 14 Aug 2015

I am a nowhere man.   6

terence 22 Apr 2014

An amazing song, and my current favourite off 'Rubber Soul'. Especially love the harmonic ping at the end of George Harrison's guitar solo, just after the one minute mark!

smok75 15 Jun 2015

Parlophone Australia, 1966

tedwilkinson 13 Jan 2015