Oh! Darling by The Beatles

“Beatles again... Sorry”

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Beatles again... Sorry

forgotmystrange 12 Dec 2013

This is my favorite song by my favorite band.

BobDylan 18 Aug 2015

Oh boy ..does this bring back memories   1

marapeters1 17 Mar 2015

People! Mike and I are going to be away: please excuse the "copy - paste" but wanted to give you some info anyway...will do better on next jam! :D "Oh! Darling" appears to have drawn heavily on the New Orleans rhythm and blues sound popularised during the 1950s and early 1960s by African-American musicians like Fats Domino; it also seems to have drawn on the Louisiana swamp blues sound found in songs like Slim Harpo's "Raining In My Heart." Furthermore, it may have drawn on the related Louisiana genre known today as swamp pop, whose distinctive sound bears an uncanny resemblance to the basic structure of "Oh! Darling" — so much so that some in Louisiana originally thought the song had been recorded by a local musician. * Paul McCartney -- vocal, backing vocals, bass, guitar * John Lennon -- backing vocals, piano * George Harrison -- backing vocals, guitar, synthesiser * Ringo Starr -- drums   6

Beatlemaniacs 21 May 2014

Because this song has basically become a huge inside joke. xoxo

yogi_care 2 Apr 2012

I have always loved this song!!   1

SubanaKatz 31 May 2015