She's Leaving Home by The Beatles

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A #mumjam a #goodbyejam a masterpiece and one I hope to never fully relate to as a mum. I usually can't make it through to the end. Off to find something frivolous quickly.   13

PartyTearsFew 8 Sep 2015

Trying not to be sad.

danifesto 8 Oct 2013

Silently closing her bedroom door, Leaving the note that she hoped would say more.

rexter42 7 Apr 2013

such a great song very underrated just shows how talented and creative these guys were   2

andythebassman 23 Nov 2013

One of my favourite Beatles songs, from one of my favourite albums.   1

markhyson 21 May 2015

My baby is leaving home on Sunday; this song really speaks to my feelings.

lwhitaker89 21 Aug 2014