The Inner Light by The Beatles

“a masterpiece by george.”

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a masterpiece by george.

xoxolindseylou 4 Mar 2015

Remastered, one of my favorites from George.

TheDudeAbides 28 Mar 2014

Chapter 47 of the Tao Te Ching says: "Without taking a step outdoors You know the whole world; Without taking a peep out the window You know the colour of the sky. The more you experience, The less you know. The sage wanders without knowing, Sees without looking, Accomplishes without acting" The Inner Light was written by George Harrison and first released as the b-side of Lady Madonna. John Lennon and George Harrison were deep into transcendental meditation, and this song is clearly a testament to what they were experiencing (perhaps still are?) at the time. An incredible achievement to communicate all this through a pop song!!! We leave you with it and would love your thoughts on it also!   6

Beatlemaniacs 11 Mar 2015

I'm not having some kind of hippie epiphany, it's just a great track.   2

AJDJ 13 Apr 2012

Today is my lovely Mother's Birthday... When I was growing up I remember an extensive vinyl record collection my parents had which comprised of around 300 7" singles and a number of LP's. I wasn't interested in the LP's at the time but listened to both the A and B sides of the singles - this was the B side to one of her favourite songs: Lady Madonna   21

MadameZia 12 Jun 2015

My Beatles zippo came in today. I feel like it warrants a lovely "Light" themed song. #TheBeatles #love   1

Reckoner 16 Aug 2013