The Inner Light by The Beatles

“a masterpiece by george.”

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a masterpiece by george.

xoxolindseylou 4 Mar 2015

The farther one travels, the less one knows. #stilljamming

jenmaselli 17 Sep 2015

I'm not having some kind of hippie epiphany, it's just a great track.   2

AJDJ 13 Apr 2012

Remastered, one of my favorites from George.

TheDudeAbides 28 Mar 2014

Off to India to make some new art and maybe find spirituality. See you all in ten days.   2

AJDJ 4 Jan 2013

My Beatles zippo came in today. I feel like it warrants a lovely "Light" themed song. #TheBeatles #love   1

Reckoner 16 Aug 2013