The Word by The Beatles

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but claypole was first  

In the beginning I misunderstood....but now I've got it   1

spacesmith 3 Jan 2014

Poolside album of the day goes to Rubber Soul- quality album from start to finish

_benterry 10 May 2013

Everywhere I go I hear it said, in the good and bad books that I have read

mo_nextdoor 13 Feb 2015

From the "Rubber Soul" album. A real "joint" Lennon/McCartney song writing effort, both in terms of them writing together, but also they were both smoking a lot of pot at this time!!! In song writing terms, it really starts their move towards them both buying into the idea of "Love" being a philosophy and a way of live. They have an  almost evangelical zeal for it, "I'm here to show everybody the light"!!! Talking about this song John is quoted as saying, "You read the words, it's all about - gettin' smart. It's the marijuana period. It's love, it's the love-and-peace thing. The word is 'love', right?" George Martin plays harmonium.   10

Beatlemaniacs 1 Mar 2015

It's a Rubber Revolver kinda week (Playlist with all of Rubber Soul and Revolver)

DigDoug 8 Apr 2013