You've Got To Hide Your Love Away by The Beatles


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We seem to have got down to #55 in my all time top albums chart. It's the fab four with "Help!". Only 50 years have passed since it came out. I remember (at primary school) some girls writing down the lyrics of the title track of this album and I wondered why on earth they were doing it. I think I know now.   6

obadiah99 16 Jul 2015

Quite simply one of the most beautiful songs ever written #Hey #Lennon #Lyrics #Tambourine #Help   24

BertrandRustles 1 Apr 2014

I believe this is one of the most perfect songs ever produced. Jamming favourites #TillTheWheelsFallOff   6

BertrandRustles 16 Sep 2015

I was going to post Eddie Vedder singing this, because I'm very fond of him. Only, this is one of my favourite ever songs, and no one covers a Beatles song better than the originals imo (which is not always true of Mr. Bob Dylan). Anyway, a perfect song.   2

loboska 20 Jan 2015

.@TheBeatles "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" from the movie Help, 1965. Lead vocal by @JohnLennon, w/ John Scott on flute. Enjoy!   1

kzone8 14 Mar 2015

I've taught myself to play this one on the ukulele.   1

welfy 2 Jul 2015